Halting and Powering Off the Firewall

The firewall can be shut down safely by the Halt function available at Diagnostics > Halt System or from the console menu.


The best practice is to never cut power from a running system. Halting before removing power is always the safest procedure.

Aafter the operating system halts, the device power will also be turned off if that feature is supported by the hardware.

Halt from the GUI

To halt the operating system from the GUI:

  • Navigate to Diagnostics > Halt System

  • Click fa-stop-circle Halt

  • Click OK to confirm the action and start the halt process

Halt from the Console

  • Access the console menu locally or via SSH with an admin-level account (admin, root, or another privileged account using sudo).

  • Enter the menu option which corresponds with Halt system (e.g. 6)

  • Press Enter

  • Enter the y to confirm the action

  • Press Enter to start the halt process