Ping Host

The firewall can send ICMP echo reqests, also known as “pings”, to hosts over the network. These diagnostic packets test if the target host responds and measures latency between the firewall and target host. A basic ping test can be performed at the console, and a more detailed test is available in the GUI at Diagnostics > Ping.

Ping Options

When performing a ping test from the GUI, the following options are available:


A hostname or IP address to which the firewall will send ping requests.

IP Protocol

The address type to ping when a hostname is entered that has both A (IPv4) and AAAA (IPv6) records.

Source Address

The IP address on the firewall from which the ping request will be sent. This is especially important when testing LAN-to-LAN VPN connectivity. The default choice allows the operating system to automatically select the closest address to the target, based on the routing table.

Maximum Number of Pings

The number of ping requests the firewall will send during this test. A higher count will take longer to complete and display results, especially if the target is down. Default is 3.

Seconds Between Pings

The number of seconds to wait between sending ping requests. Default is 1 second.

Ping from the GUI

To perform a ping test from the GUI:

  • Navigate to Diagnostics > Ping

  • Fill in the Ping Options


    At a minimum the Hostname is required.

  • Click fa-rss Ping to start the test

  • Wait for the GUI to display the test results

The GUI will display the results of the test automatically once complete. Do not navigate away from the page while the test is running.

Ping from the Console

A simple ping test may also be performed at the console menu, but without the additional options mentioned earlier. See Ping host for more information.

  • Access the console menu locally or via SSH with an admin-level account (admin, root, or another privileged account using sudo).

  • Enter the menu option which corresponds with Ping Host (e.g. 7)

  • Press Enter

  • Enter the IP address or hostname to ping

  • Press Enter to start the test

  • Wait for the test to complete.

    The console outputs the test results in real time, and pauses afterward.

  • Press Enter to return to the menu