Step 6: Port Forwarding with NAT

This section shows an example of a single inbound Network Address Translation (NAT) port forward, also known as NAT pinholes or port mapping, to access a security camera. NAT port forwarding can provide specific outside to inside network connections.

NAT Port Forwarding

Define NAT port forwarding:

nat static mapping tcp local 554 external outside 63554

Permit Port Forward Traffic with ACL

Traffic that is port forwarded by NAT must also be permitted by the outside access control list (ACL). The ACL is created and applied to input queue access-list on the outside interface.

acl rtsp-outside
  rule 11
    desc Permit to Cam3
    action permit
    ip-version ipv4
    protocol tcp
    destination port 63554
# Apply ACL to interface Access-List
interface outside
  access-list input acl rtsp-outside sequence 101