IPsec Remote Access VPNs

The recipes in this section cover how to configure TNSR and client systems for remote access IPsec.

TNSR supports multiple types of remote access VPNs using IPsec (Remote Access / Mobile IPsec). Remote access VPNs allow external users to securely connect and reach network resources through TNSR.

These are “point-to-multipoint” type connections as there is one “server” configuration on TNSR through which multiple clients connect.


This style of setup may be known by several different names, including “Mobile IPsec”, “Road Warrior IPsec”, “Client IPsec”, “RA IPsec”, “IPsec/IKEv2”, “IKEv2”, and other similar names.

IPsec Remote Access Authentication Types

The first component of remote access IPsec is to configure TNSR so it is capable of accepting and authenticating remote access connections. Choose whichever recipe is the best fit for the desired level of security for the VPN.

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For more information on each type, see Remote Access / Mobile IPsec.

IPsec Remote Access Client Configuration

Most operating systems include native client support for IPsec IKEv2 VPN connections, and others typically have an app or add-on package which adds the capability.

This section covers IPsec IKEv2 client configuration for several popular operating systems.