IPsec Tunnel List

The IPsec page located at VPN > IPsec allows management of IPsec VPN tunnels. A brief summary of existing tunnel settings is also displayed on this page.

Each IPsec tunnel will have one phase 1 definition, and one or more phase 2 definitions.

Phase 1 definitions handle how the tunnel connects to the remote peer. This includes the remote gateway, authentication information such as identifiers and pre-shared keys or certificates, NAT Traversal and DPD settings.

After adding a phase 1 definition, click the larger fa-plus button underneath a phase 1 entry to display and manage its phase 2 entries.

Phase 2 definitions handle how local/internal networks are sent across a tunnel. Multiple local subnets (or individual hosts) can be used on a single IPsec tunnel by adding multiple Phase 2 entries.

Phase 2 definition settings include the local and remote networks for traffic which will traverse the tunnel, and phase 2 encryption proposal settings.

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