Accessing IPMI and Changing IPMI Password


By default, the IPMI port is configured to be a DHCP client. When connected to a network with DHCP, the IP address will appear in the lower right corner of the screen during boot.

The IPMI Username and Password were ADMIN/ADMIN.

Changing the IPMI Password

  1. To change the IPMI password, begin by accessing the IPMI GUI using a web browser and the IPMI IP Address. Log in to the IPMI console.


    Log Into IPMI

  2. Navigate to Configuration -> Users.


    Configuration -> Users

  3. Highlight the Administrator and click Modify User.


    Modify User

  4. Check the box by Change Password, enter the new password and confirm it by typing it a second time, then click Modify.


    Change Password and click Modify

  5. Click OK on the message window that says “Modified user successfully.”


    Click OK