I/O Ports

Rear Side


Ethernet Ports

Interface Name Port Name Port Type Port Speed
WAN IGB0 RJ-45 1 Gbps
LAN IGB1 RJ-45 1 Gbps
OPT1 IX0 RJ-45 1 Gbps
OPT2 IX1 RJ-45 1 Gbps
OPT3 IX2 RJ-45 1 Gbps
OPT4 IX3 RJ-45 1 Gbps
Status LED State Description
Left LED
(Link Status)
Solid Amber Link has been established and there is no activity on this port
Blinking Amber Link has been established and there is activity on this port
Off No link has been established
Right LED
Solid Green Operating as a 100 Mbps connection
Blinking Amber Operating as a Gigabit connection (1000 Mbps)
Off No link has been established


All Ethernet ports of the pfSense appliance support auto-MDIX and are capable of utilizing either straight-through or crossover ethernet cables.


The ix(4) driver used for ports IX0-IX3 does not support ALTQ traffic shaping directly. Limiters may be used instead, or use tagged VLAN interfaces which can be used with ALTQ traffic shaping.

Other Ports and Indicators

  • Console (Mini-USB)
  • Status LEDs
  • 2x USB 3.0
Status LED Description
Top LED Add-on storage activity (does not show eMMC activity)
Middle LED Activity
Bottom LED Power

Front Side

  1. Receessed Reset Button

  2. Power Button

  3. Power (12VDC with threaded locking connector)


    Center Pin Positive