Input and Output Ports


1) Mini-USB Serial Console

7) OPT2 (igb3)

2) USB0 (USB 2.0)

8) OPT3 (igb4)

3) USB1 (USB 2.0)

9) OPT4 (igb5)

4) WAN (igb1)

10) SATA Activity / Power Indicator

5) LAN (igb0)

11) Power Input

6) OPT1 (igb2)

12) Reset Button


Both the WAN and LAN ports of the Netgate® appliance support auto-MDIX and are capable of utilizing either straight-through or crossover Ethernet cables.


The rubber caps across the top are antenna ports for available wireless options.

The SG-4860 supports six 1000/100/10Base-T Ethernet ports. Two Ethernet ports are connected to the CPU through an Intel i211 Gbps PCIe MAC/PHY integrated circuit. Four Ethernet ports are connected to the CPU’s on-chip Intel i354 Gbps MACs through a Marvell 88E1543 quad SGMII/PHY. Each RJ-45 has built-in LEDs with the following configuration.

Left LED

Right LED

Green = Link
Blink = Activity

Amber = 1 Gbps
Green = 100 Mbps
Off = 10 Mbps