Input and Output Ports


1) Mini-USB Serial Console

6) OPT1 (igb2)

2) USB0 (USB 2.0)

7) OPT2 (igb3)

3) USB1 (USB 2.0)

8) OPT3 (igb4)

4) WAN (igb1)

9) OPT4 (igb5)

5) LAN (igb0)

10) Reset Button


Both the WAN and LAN ports of the Netgate® appliance support auto-MDIX and are capable of utilizing either straight-through or crossover Ethernet cables.

The SG-4860 1U supports six 1000/100/10Base-T Ethernet ports. Two Ethernet ports are connected to the CPU through an Intel i211 Gbps PCIe MAC/PHY integrated circuit. Four Ethernet ports are connected to the CPU’s on-chip Intel i354 Gbps MACs through a Marvell 88E1543 quad SGMII/PHY. Each RJ-45 has built-in LEDs with the following configuration.

Left LED

Right LED

Green = Link
Blink = Activity

Amber = 1 Gbps
Green = 100 Mbps
Off = 10 Mbps