Reinstalling pfSenseΒΆ

  1. Registered users can log in to their Portal account page and download the appropriate factory installer image:


    If you no longer have an active portal subscription, please open a support ticket to recieve a link that re-enables access to the image free of charge.


    The pfSense factory version is the version that is preinstalled on units purchased from Netgate. The factory image is optimally tuned for our hardware and contains some features that cannot be found elsewhere, such as the AWS VPN Wizard.

  2. Write the image to a USB memstick. Locating the image and writing it to a USB memstick is covered in detail under Writing Flash Drives.

  3. Connect to the console port of the pfSense device.

    See also

    Connecting to Console Port

    Connecting to the console port. Cable is required.

  4. Insert the memstick in the OTG USB port, using an OTG cable and boot the system.

  5. Press y to confirm the destination device.



    The onboard eMMC flash memory is always mmcsd0.

  6. Once the install has completed, remove the memstick, and press any key to reboot.