Reinstalling pfSense CE Software

  1. Read and follow the Netgate Installer instructions to download and run the Netgate Installer which can install pfSense® Community Edition (CE) software.

  2. Write the image to a USB memstick. Locating the image and writing it to a USB memstick is covered in detail under Writing Flash Drives.

  3. Connect to the console port of the device.

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    Connecting to the RJ45 Console Port. Cable is required.

  4. Insert the memstick into an open USB port and boot the device.

  5. Follow the instructions on Installation Walkthrough to install the software.

  6. The installer will then prompt to Reboot. Select Reboot and press Enter. The device will shutdown and reboot.

  7. Remove the USB drive from the USB port.


    If the USB drive remains attached, the system will boot into the installer again because by default the system firmware is configured so that a device plugged into the USB port will be booted with a higher priority.

See also

For information on restoring from a previously saved configuration, go to Backup and Restore.