Creating Wildcard Records in DNS Forwarder/Resolver

A wildcard DNS record resolves to a single IP, which can be useful in certain cases.

DNS Forwarder (dnsmasq)

A wildcard entry may be created in the DNS Forwarder by using the advanced options box, and an entry like so:


That would make any host under resolve to (,,, and so on).

If a specific Host Overrides is set for example:

Then those would be returned when doing a query for those hosts, only when no specific host has been specified in the host overrides would the advanced wildcard entry be used.

To resolve the domain to an IP address:

Leave the host field blank in the host overrides. So if the query is now for, would be returned. If was queried for then would be returned.

If a blank hostname host override entry has not been created, then a query for would return the wildcard IP address set in the advanced option.

If was queried, then since no specific host record for madeupname exists in the host overrides. The wildcard entry of would be returned.

DNS Resolver (Unbound)

The same effect may be obtained in the DNS Resolver (Unbound) using its advanced options:

local-zone: "" redirect
local-data: " 86400 IN A"