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Gateway Groups

Gateway groups are a set of gateways, but are treated as one entity in gateway fields of the WebGUI.

Gateway groups are managed from the Groups tab on System > Routing.

When creating a gateway group, enter a group name, select a tier for each gateway (or “never” if the gateway is not part of this group), a trigger for when to exclude a group member, and an optional description. Lower tiers are preferred over higher tiers (see the next section).

Groups will appear in the gateway drop-downs available on, for example, firewall rule editing.

Tier Priority Explained

Assign tiers for each WAN connection.


  • WAN: Tier1

  • OPT1: Tier2

  • OPT3: Tier3

In the example above the OPT1 would be used if WAN fails, OPT3 will be used if OPT1 also fails. So Tier1 has the highest priority.

Connection-Based Round-Robin Load Balancing

It is also possible to perform connection-based round-robin load balancing with the tier priorities.


  • WAN: Tier1

  • OPT1: Tier1

  • OPT3: Tier1

In the example above the connections with the same tier will perform connection-based round-robin load balancing.