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Bypassing Policy Routing

The Multi-WAN capability of pfSense® software uses the route-to functionality in pf to direct traffic out via specific gateways. Rules that match traffic to send connections out a specific WAN can cause local or VPN traffic destinations to exit the firewall WAN rather than following local routing, which is likely not the intended effect.

To ensure proper delivery of local or VPN routed traffic, or other external traffic that must obey the system routing table, rules must be crafted to pass the traffic without a gateway set.

An example:

In Firewall > Rules, on the LAN Tab, create this as the topmost rule, or at least above all other rules that have a gateway configured:

  • Proto: *

  • Source: *

  • Port: *

  • Destination: (LAN Subnet, or DMZ subnet, or VPN subnet, etc.)

  • Port: *

  • Gateway: * (Default)

The destination could also be an Alias containing all local/VPN networks. Commonly, an RFC1918 alias is created and used in such rules to match all possible privately numbered traffic. Such an RFC1918 alias should contain,, and