pfSense Plus

Changes in this version of pfSense Plus software.

Aliases / Tables

  • Fixed: Rules using aliases of type URL (IPs) are not generated #14947


  • Fixed: ISC DHCP responds from a random port #15011


  • Fixed: PHP error on services_dhcpv6.php if the configuration contains an empty dhcpv6 section #14978

DHCP Relay

  • Fixed: Input validation prevents saving DHCPv6 Relay settings #14965

DNS Resolver

  • Changed: Update Unbound to 1.18.0_1 to address looping UDP retries when ENOBUFS is returned #14980


  • Fixed: Mobile IPsec Group Authentication cannot be enabled #14963

  • Fixed: Incorrect permissions on ipsec.auth-user.php #14974

  • Fixed: IPsec log categories set to “Audit” do not function properly or save properly in the GUI #14990

  • Changed: Update strongSwan to 5.9.11_3 #15050


  • Added: Add an appropriately named file to install images to indicate what they are #14887


  • Fixed: Mulicast traffic on a detached interface causes a panic #14917

  • Fixed: PHP Error on interfaces.php when creating a PPP interface #14949

  • Fixed: DHCP WAN with multiple (2+) IP Alias VIPs may show as an interface address at boot #14966


  • Changed: Update OpenVPN to 2.6.8_1 #15049

Operating System

  • Added: Method for users to customize shell initialization behavior #14746

  • Fixed: Potential ZFS file corruption #15034

Rules / NAT

  • Fixed: Invalid outbound NAT rules break the following rule #15024

  • Fixed: Automatic outbound NAT rules show an empty NAT Address #15025

Traffic Graphs

  • Fixed: Traffic graph filters apply incorrectly #14892


  • Fixed: pfSense-boot does not update the EFI loader #15007

Web Interface

  • Fixed: Firewall Maximum Table Entries “default size” is whatever is entered #11566