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Inbound Load Balancing Status

The status page for Configuring Inbound Load Balancing has two tabs, Pools and Virtual Servers.

Pool Status

The Pools tab shows the status of individual servers inside of pools. The servers are grouped by the Name of the pool. Also displayed is the Mode of the pool, typically Load Balancing, the Monitor type.

The Servers column contains the list of servers and their uptime percentage as tracked by relayd. Servers that are UP are colored green, and servers that are DOWN are colored red.

Checkboxes next to each server IP address indicate whether or not a server is active in a pool. If the box is checked, the sever is active. Servers may be manually deactivated from a pool by removing the checkmark from the box next to the IP address. Save and then Apply Changes must be clicked to activate the change. This is useful for performing maintenance or development on one server from a pool without affecting others.

Virtual Server Status

The Virtual Servers tab lists all of the defined virtual servers, their external Address and port, the list of active pool Servers, the general Status of the virtual server, and the configured Description.

Virtual Servers that are UP show the status as green, and servers that are DOWN are red. A Virtual Server would normally only show DOWN if all of its regular and fallback pool members were down.