Getting Started with pfSense Software DevelopmentΒΆ

There is no single specific starting point for joining the pfSense development effort, but the following items are helpful in getting started:

  • Review the Developer Style Guide
  • Become familiar with the pfSense git repositories (and github in general):
    • Current repositories used for developing pfSense and its dependencies:
      • pfSense - The main source repository for pfSense, containing the GUI code, builder code, and related scripts.
      • FreeBSD-src - The OS source code used to build pfSense
      • FreeBSD-ports - Build information for supporting software used in pfSense, and code for some of our custom programs/daemons/modules and packages
    • Older repositories which are not used for current/new development:
      • pfSense-tools - Deprecated repository with old build tools used for pfSense 2.2.x and before
      • pfSense-packages - Repository with package metadata and files used for pfSense 2.2.x and before
      • xmlrpc-server - Repository with the deprecated XMLRPC server used for packages on pfSense 2.2.x and before
  • Review the list of open bug reports and other issues.
  • Submit changes as pull requests on github.

Our developers will review the submissions, offer feedback, and merge the changes if they are acceptable.