FreeBSD Issue Policy

The pfSense® team relies on the work provided by the FreeBSD project as the base operating system of pfSense software. On occasion, pfSense software users will run into problems with FreeBSD that are outside of the scope with which Netgate can help. This page provides basic guidance on what to do in these scenarios.

Most frequently these issues are driver or hardware-specific bugs. Depending on the drivers, Netgate may not developers on staff familiar with specific drivers in FreeBSD for hardware not sold by Netgate, and thus cannot assist with such issues.

When driver problems are encountered, the best practice is to install a stock FreeBSD release on the hardware, replicate the problem, and report it to the appropriate FreeBSD list. This is the only way the problem will be resolved and even at that will only be resolved in future releases. Alternatively, use different hardware known to work well with pfSense software, such as hardware from the Netgate Store.

If an installation encounters a kernel panic, Netgate developers may be able to analyze the backtrace. Feel free to post one to Netgate Forum.

The primary exception to this is for issues that affect all or a large number of pfSense software users and/or Netgate hardware customers. Examples of this could be problems with PF, CARP, IPsec, or any number of other components. In these cases, Netgate will track and work to resolve issues of this nature, but cannot coordinate testing and fixes for one off issues and edge cases encountered by single users.