pfSense Plus Software Overview

This page provides an overview of the pfSense® Plus dashboard and navigation. It also provides information on how to perform frequent tasks such as backing up the pfSense® Plus software and connecting to the Netgate firewall console.

The Dashboard

pfSense® Plus software is highly configurable, all of which can be done through the dashboard. This orientation will help to navigate and further configure the firewall.


The pfSense® Plus Dashboard

Section 1

Important system information such as the model, Serial Number, and Netgate Device ID for this Netgate firewall.

Section 2

Identifies what version of pfSense® Plus software is installed, and if an update is available.

Section 3

Describes Netgate Service and Support.

Section 4

Shows the various menu headings. Each menu heading has drop-down options for a wide range of configuration choices.

Re-running the Setup Wizard

To re-run the Setup Wizard, navigate to System > Setup Wizard.


Re-run the Setup Wizard

Backup and Restore

It is important to backup the firewall configuration prior to updating or making any configuration changes. From the menu at the top of the page, browse to Diagnostics > Backup/Restore.


Backup & Restore

Click Download configuration as XML and save a copy of the firewall configuration to the computer connected to the Netgate firewall.


Click Download configuration as XML

This backup (or any backup) can be restored from the same screen by choosing the backed up file under Restore Configuration.


Auto Config Backup is a built-in service located at Services > Auto Config Backup. This service will save up to 100 encrypted backup files automatically, any time a change to the configuration has been made. Visit the Auto Config Backup page for more information.

Connecting to the Console

There are times when accessing the console is required. Perhaps GUI console access has been locked out, or the password has been lost or forgotten.

See also

Connecting to the Console Port. Cable is required.


To learn more about getting the most out of a Netgate appliance, sign up for a pfSense Plus Software Training course or browse the extensive Resource Library.


When a new version of pfSense Plus software is available, the device will indicate the availability of the new version on the System Information dashboard widget. Users can peform a manual check as well by visiting System > Update.

Users can initiate an upgrade from the System > Update page as needed.

For more information, see the Upgrade Guide.