Accessing IPMI and Changing IPMI Password


By default, the IPMI port is configured to be a DHCP client. When connected to a network with DHCP, the IP address will appear in the lower right corner of the screen during boot.

In compliance with new privacy legislation, the Username and Password to access the IPMI port on the Netgate 1541 1U has been changed to a unique password on each device. Netgate started shipping systems with this change beginning February 10, 2020.

Prior to February 10, 2020, the IPMI Username and Password were ADMIN/ADMIN.

After February 10, 2020, the IPMI Username is still ADMIN, the password is located on a small sticker on the front of the Netgate 1541 as shown below.


IPMI Password Sticker Location


The password is alpha-numeric and the letters are capital letters.

Changing the IPMI Password

  1. To change the IPMI password, begin by accessing the IPMI GUI using a web browser and the IPMI IP Address. Log in to the IPMI console.


    Log Into IPMI

  2. Navigate to Configuration -> Users.


    Configuration -> Users

  3. Highlight the Administrator and click Modify User.


    Modify User

  4. Check the box by Change Password, enter the new password and confirm it by typing it a second time, then click Modify.


    Change Password and click Modify

  5. Click OK on the message window that says “Modified user successfully.”


    Click OK