On rare occasions when troubleshooting potential hardware problems it may be necessary to reset the NVRAM. This does not affect settings in the firewall or operating system, only in the system BIOS.


Do not perform this procedure unless directed to do so by a Netgate TAC representative.


Anti-static protection must be used throughout this procedure.

Any hardware damage incurred during this procedure is not covered by the hardware warranty.

The procedure to reset the NVRAM on the device is as follows:

  1. Unplug the system for at least 60 seconds to ensure all phantom power has dissipated.

  2. Remove the case

  3. Rotate the device until facing the Ethernet ports

  4. Find the NVRAM reset jumper located to the left of the CPU heatsink.

    On early models this jumper is labeled J8 while on later models it is labelled J10. Only one of the two locations will be populated with pins and a jumper.

  5. Move the jumper from pins 1-2 to pins 2-3.

  6. Power the system on.

    The STATUS and SATA LEDs will light briefly then go out.

  7. Remove power, move the jumper back to its original position and reattach the case.

  8. Power the system on.

The system will now boot with the default NVRAM settings.