Input and Output Ports


Front Side

  • LAN (cpsw1)

  • WAN (cpsw0)


Both the WAN and LAN ports of the Netgate® appliance support auto-MDIX and are capable of utilizing either straight-through or crossover ethernet cables.

Back Side

  • Console (Micro-USB)


  • Status LED

  • Power

Internal Ports

  1. Micro-SD card socket (minimum 1GB card recommended)

Installing a Micro-SD card

  1. Remove case screw and slide off chassis lid.

  2. Gently slide the SD card cover toward the network interface port to unlock it.

  3. Raise the lid.

  4. Place the Micro-SD card in the socket, contacts down.

  5. Gently close the SD card cover.

  6. Slide the cover toward the power connector to lock it in place.

Installing a Micro-SD card in the SG-1000

Installing a Micro-SD card in the SG-1000


If the cover will not close gently, check the alignment of the Micro-SD card as it may not be settled completely into the socket in the correct place.