Additional Resources

Netgate Training

Netgate training offers training courses for increasing your knowledge of pfSense® Plus products and services. Whether you need to maintain or improve the security skills of your staff or offer highly specialized support and improve your customer satisfaction; Netgate training has got you covered.

Resource Library

To learn more about how to use Netgate appliances and for other helpful resources, make sure to browse the Netgate Resource Library.

Professional Services

Support does not cover more complex tasks such as CARP configuration for redundancy on multiple firewalls or circuits, network design, and conversion from other firewalls to pfSense® Plus software. These items are offered as professional services and can be purchased and scheduled accordingly.

Community Options

Customers who elected not to get a paid support plan, can find help from the active and knowledgeable pfSense software community on the Netgate forum.

Known Issues

The Netgate® FW-7551 platform will not boot unmodified pfSense® software version 2.4 installation media. The media must be manually modified and specific options must be utilized in the 2.4 installer or the firewall may not boot after installation.

The specific modifications required for an installation image can be found in the online pfSense documentation. Use a serial memstick image for this hardware.

As an alternative, install pfSense software version 2.3.4-RELEASE and upgrade to a later.