TNSR 20.02.2 Release Notes

About This Release

This is a maintenance release for TNSR software version 20.02 with bug fixes specific to the Azure platform. This version is only published on Azure.


For more information on changes in TNSR 20.02, including important information about upgrading from versions prior to TNSR 20.02, see TNSR 20.02 Release Notes.


  • Fixed potential delays in initial connectivity for new Azure instances [3729]

  • Fixed issues with the default startup configuration on new Azure instances [3699]


  • Changed interface names on Azure to be prefixed with VirtualFunctionEthernet instead of using the speed and type, to improve consistency and reduce the likelihood of interface names changing unexpectedly [3728]

  • Fixed issues with Azure instances attaching to the wrong devices [3660, 3727]

  • Fixed issues with Azure instances failing to attach to any interfaces [3668]

  • Fixed incorrect default MTU on Azure [3730]