This is the documentation for the 22.02 version. Looking for the documentation of the latest version? Have a look here.

BGP Debugging InformationΒΆ

The following debugging commands are available in config-frr-bgp mode. Messages will be logged in accordance with the settings in Logging.

option debug allow-martians

Debug allowing martian next hops.

Martians are addresses that would otherwise be considered invalid such as reserved private networks and link-local addresses.

option debug as4 [segment]

Debug 4-byte AS numbers.


Debug 4-byte AS numbers in AS-path segments.

option debug bestpath <ipv6-prefix>

Debug best path calculation for a given prefix.

option debug keepalive [<peer>]

Debug BGP neighbor keep alive behavior


Restrict keep alive debugging to a single peer.

option debug neighbor-events [<peer>]

Debug BGP neighbor events


Restrict neighbor event debugging to a single peer.


To log neighbor changes without enabling debugging, use log-neighbor-changes in BGP Router Configuration.

option debug nht

Debug next hop tracking events.

option debug update-groups

Debug update groups.

option debug updates in <peer>

Debug inbound updates from a specific peer.

option debug updates out <peer>

Debug outbound updates from a specific peer.

option debug updates prefix (<ipv4-prefix>|<ipv6-prefix>)

Debug updates for a specific prefix.

option debug zebra [prefix (<ipv4-prefix>|<ipv6-prefix>)]

Debug BGP messages in the dynamic route manager (zebra)

prefix (<ipv4-prefix>|<ipv6-prefix>)

Restrict debugging of dynamic route manager BGP messages to a specific prefix.