This is the documentation for the 22.02 version. Looking for the documentation of the latest version? Have a look here.

API Endpoints

In addition to the CLI, there are a variety of ways to configure TNSR, including a RESTful API.

YANG Data Models

The sets of functions and procedures used to manipulate the TNSR configuration are generated from the RFC 7950 data models defined in the TNSR YANG models.


TNSR can be controlled via a RESTCONF API. Reference material, code examples, and more on the RESTCONF API may be found in the TNSR API Documentation.

To activate and configure the RESTCONF service on TNSR, see RESTCONF Server.

See also

For a complete RESTCONF service configuration example, see RESTCONF Service Setup with Certificate-Based Authentication and NACM.

For information about troubleshooting errors from the RESTCONF service, see RESTCONF API Errors.