This is the documentation for the v21.03 version. Looking for the documentation of the latest version? Have a look here.

OSPF6 Debugging InformationΒΆ

The following debugging commands are available in config-frr-ospf6 mode. Messages will be logged in accordance with the settings in Logging.

debug abr

Enables debugging for Area Border Routers.

debug asbr

Enables debugging for Autonomous System Boundary Routers.

debug flooding

Enables debugging for Link State Advertisement flooding.

debug interface

Enables debugging for OSPF6 interfaces.

debug border-routers (area <area-id>|router <router-id>)

Enables debugging for specific border routers, either by area or router ID.

debug lsa <lsa-type> <event-type>

Enables LSA message debugging.

LSA Type

Specifies a type of LSA message to debug, which must be one of the following: as-external, inter-prefix, inter-router, intra- prefix, link, network, router, unknown. These message types are described further in Link State Advertisement Message Types.

Event Type

Specifies when to log debug information for the specified type of LSA message.


Enables debugging when examining LSA messages.


Enables debugging when flooding LSA messages.


Enables debugging when originating LSA messages.

debug message (dd|hello|ls-acknowledgment|ls-request|ls-update|unknown) (recv|send)

Enables packet-level debugging of OSPF6 messages.


Debug database description packets.


Debug OSPF6 hello packets.


Debug LSA acknowledgment packets.


Debug LSA request packets.


Debug LSA update packets.


Debug OSPF6 messages of unknown types.

Message debugging entries are limited to a single direction:


Debug messages sent by this router.


Debug messages received by this router.

debug neighbor event

Enable debugging information for OSPF6 neighbor events.

debug neighbor state

Enable debugging information for OSPF6 neighbor state changes.

debug route [(inter-area|intra-area|table)]

Enables debugging for OSPF6 route calculations.

debug route memory

Enables debugging for OSPF6 route table memory usage.

debug spf (database|process|time)

Debug SPF calculations


Enable debugging for LSA message counts during SPF calculation


Enable detailed debugging of the SPF calculation process.


Enable debugging for SPF calculation timing.

debug zebra [(recv|send)]

Enables OSPF6-specific debugging for dynamic routing manager daemon messages, in the send or receive direction, or both when the direction is omitted.