This is the documentation for the v21.03 version. Looking for the documentation of the latest version? Have a look here.

OSPF6 Area ConfigurationΒΆ

To configure area-specific settings in OSPF6, start in config-ospf6 mode and use the area <area-id> command to enter config-ospf6-area mode.

tnsr(config-ospf6)# area <area-id>

config-ospf6-area mode contains the following commands:

range <prefix> [cost <val>|not-advertise]:

Configure summarization of routes inside the given prefix. Instead of Type 1 (Router) and Type 2 (Network) LSAs, it creates Type 3 Summary LSAs instead.

cost <val>:

Apply the specified cost to summarized routes for this prefix.


Disable advertisement for this prefix.