Activating the Service Console for a USB Install

  • Remove power from the RCC Series unit after the installation has finished.

  • Remove the USB memstick that was used as the installation target and connect it to a Linux or Mac OS X host. Three partitions are on the USB memstick, but not all of them may be shown.

  • Open the second partition contains boot.cfg among many other files.


    It may not be appear as a second partition, make sure to edit the boot.cfg on the partition with files pictured in screenshot below.

  • Open boot.cfg in a text editor such as CotEditor, Kate, or similar and add the following to the kernelopt line:

    text nofb com2_baud=115200 com2_Port=0x2f8 tty2Port=com2 gdbPort=none logPort=none
  • Save the file and eject the USB memstick.

  • Connect the USB memstick to the RCC Series unit and plug in the power

  • Wait for ESXi to boot and the console is ready for use.

  • ESXi is now fully installed. Login with the vSphere client to connect to ESXi.