Azure TNSR Instance Setup

This zero-to-ping setup guide will explain how to get started using TNSR to route network traffic in an Azure Virtual Network environment.


Visit the TNSR product page for additional information on purchasing access to TNSR on Azure.

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The steps involved are:



There are issues running TNSR on Azure which can lead to problems when communicating using public IP addresses between multiple TNSR instances all running on Azure.

When a batch of packets is read using the DPDK netvsc PMD, the driver occasionally populates an invalid buffer address. Attempting to process that packet results in a segmentation fault in the dataplane (VPP).

This issue only occurs when sending packets to a public IP address that is associated with a NIC that is managed by TNSR on Azure. Sending to the NIC private address from another VM in the same vnet does not result in a crash. Sending to the public IP address from a host outside of Azure also does not result in a crash.

The issue is being investigated by Microsoft.