Configure Default Route in TNSRΒΆ

In order for the TNSR data plane to forward packets outside of the VPC to the Internet, a default route needs to be configured which sets a next hop of the VPC gateway for the WAN subnet using the TNSR CLI.

Configure a default route by typing the commands in TNSR as shown below.

TNSR-Instance1 tnsr# configure
TNSR-Instance1 tnsr(config)# route ipv4 table ipv4-VRF:0
TNSR-Instance1 tnsr(config-route-table-v4)# route
TNSR-Instance1 tnsr(config-rttbl4-next-hop)# next-hop 1 via NetVSC2
TNSR-Instance1 tnsr(config-rttbl4-next-hop)# exit
TNSR-Instance1 tnsr(config-route-table-v4)# exit
TNSR-Instance1 tnsr(config)# exit
TNSR-Instance1 tnsr#