Connect Management and WAN Interfaces to the InternetΒΆ

The Management Interface and the TNSR WAN interface must be assigned public Elastic IP Addresses by AWS.

For each interface that needs a public Elastic IP Address, allocate one by following the instructions at

Make a note of the allocated Elastic IP Address.

Before associating an Elastic IP Address to a Network Interface, make a note of the ID of the Network Interface to use. To find the Network Interface ID:

  1. Navigate to

  2. Click Instances

  3. Click the button next to the TNSR interface to select it

  4. Look at the bottom of the page, under the Description tab to see Network Interfaces

  5. Click on the interface names to display information about the Network Interface:

    • eth0 for management interface

    • eth1 for WAN interface

  6. Write down the Interface ID for each interface

After allocating the Elastic IP Addresses and finding the Network Interface IDs for eth0 and eth1, associate the Elastic IP Addresses to the Network Interfaces by following the instructions at