Add TNSR LAN Interface to the InstanceΒΆ

The Management and WAN Interfaces were created while launching the instance. Now create the LAN interface. If this instance requires additional interfaces, either public or private, create those now.

To allocate a new TNSR LAN Network Interface, create a new Elastic Network Interface on the LAN subnet following the instructions here

The subnet connected to the TNSR LAN interface is a private network which is using the TNSR instance as its Internet gateway. It can have a much less restrictive Security Group set so that traffic from the LAN can reach the TNSR instance. Select the default Security Group for the VPC, which should allow all inbound traffic.


The Description field is optional when creating a Network Interface but the best practice is to enter Description text that identifies the interface so it can be easily identified when it is attached to an instance.

To attach the LAN Network Interface to the instance, follow the instructions at