Connect to the instanceΒΆ

The TNSR instance does not have a default password. SSH connections to this instance require key-based authentication using an SSH key selected when launching the instance.

The default account is named tnsr.

To connect from a shell prompt in a Unix/Linux terminal:

$ ssh -i <my_key_file> tnsr@<eth0_public_ip_addr>

Substitute the actual key file name instead of typing <my_key_file> and the management interface Elastic IP Address instead of typing <eth0_public_ip_addr>.

The ssh client will print a warning similar to:

The authenticity of host 'x.x.x.x' can't be established.
ECDSA key fingerprint is SHA256:6/LDXVPpD2v6hnWdFHFWZhkCbSpMcaH4tBgTuDLAa40.
Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)?

This warning only appears the first time connecting using SSH on a given system and user account. Type yes to continue connecting.

If all went well, the TNSR CLI will automatically be launched, resulting in output similar to the following:

Netgate TNSR
Version: v0.1.0-567-g0967ac3
Build timestamp: Fri Apr 20 16:16:48 2018 CDT
Git Commit: 0x967ac3d
ip-10-5-2-225.ec2.internal tnsr#