Service ControlΒΆ

Services controlled directly by TNSR can be restarted from within the TNSR CLI in configuration mode.

To control a service, use the service command as follows:

tnsr# configure
tnsr(config)# service <name> <action>

The service name must be one of the following:

backend:Configuration backend (clixon_backend)
bgp:BGP routing (bgpd, zebra)
dataplane:Dataplane (vpp)
dhcp:DHCP (kea)
http:HTTP for RESTCONF API (nginx)
ntp:Time service (ntpd)
restconf:RESTCONF API (clixon_restconf)
unbound:DNS Resolver (unbound)

The following action types are available:

start:Start the service if it is not already running.
stop:Stop the service if it is currently running.
restart:Stop and restart the service, or start the service if it is not running.
status:Show the current status of the service daemon(s) and the last few log entries.