This is the documentation for the v21.03 version. Looking for the documentation of the latest version? Have a look here.

Enable or Disable NACM


Do not enable NACM unless the rules and groups are correctly and completely configured, otherwise access to TNSR may be cut off. If access is lost, see Regaining Access if Locked Out by NACM.

To enable NACM:

tnsr(config)# nacm enable

To disable NACM:

tnsr(config)# nacm disable

NACM Default Policy Actions

Alter the default policy for executing commands:

tnsr(config)# nacm exec-default <deny|permit>

Alter the default policy for reading status output:

tnsr(config)# nacm read-default <deny|permit>

Alter the default policy for writing configuration changes:

tnsr(config)# nacm write-default <deny|permit>