This is the documentation for the v21.03 version. Looking for the documentation of the latest version? Have a look here.

Viewing Status InformationΒΆ

Status information can be viewed using the show command from either basic or configuration mode.

For a full list of possible show commands, enter show ?:

tnsr# show ?
  acl                   Access Control Lists
  bfd                   Bidirectional Forwarding Detection
  cli                   State of per-session CLI options
  clock                 Show the current system date and time
  configuration         Config DB configuration state
  dataplane             Dataplane
  documentation         Documentation URLs
  dslite                DS-Lite
  gre                   GRE tunnels
  history-config        Show history configuration
  host                  Host information
  http                  HTTP
  interface             Interface details
  ip                    Internet protocol
  ipsec                 IPsec
  kea                   Kea/DHCP
  macip                 MACIP Access Control Lists
  map                   MAP-E/MAP-T
  nacm                  NACM data
  nat                   Network Address Translation
  neighbor              Neighbors (ARP/NDP)
  ntp                   NTP
  packet-counters       Packet statistic and error counters
  route                 Show routing information
  span                  SPAN mirrors
  sysctl                Sysctl parameters
  system                System information
  trace                 Packet trace
  unbound               Unbound DNS
  version               Show version of system components
  vxlan                 VXLAN tunnels
tnsr# show version

Version: tnsr-v21.03-2
Build timestamp: Thu Mar  4 10:24:34 2021 CST