This is the documentation for the 19.02 version. Looking for the documentation of the latest version? Have a look here.

Neighbor ConfigurationΒΆ

tnsr(config-bgp)# neighbor
tnsr(config-bgp-nbr)# remote-as 65005
tnsr(config-bgp-nbr)# enable
tnsr(config-bgp-nbr)# exit

The neighbor statement can take either an IP address to setup a single neighbor, as the example shows for, or it can take a name which configures a peer group. The command changes to BGP neighbor mode, indicated by the bgp-nbr prefix in the prompt.

Peer groups work nearly identical to neighbors, and they define options that are common to multiple neighbors. To configure a neighbor as a member of a peer group, append peer-group <group name> to the neighbor statement.

Within BGP neighbor mode, the most important directive is remote-as to set the AS number of the neighbor. In this case, the AS number of the neighbor is 65005. The majority of other neighbor configuration is handled by the neighbor definition for a specific address family.

The default state of a neighbor is disabled down. To enable the neighbor, enter the enable command in BGP neighbor mode.