This is the documentation for the 19.02 version. Looking for the documentation of the latest version? Have a look here.

Working in the TNSR CLIΒΆ

The TNSR CLI supports case-sensitive tab expansion and prediction for input to speed up interactive work. For example, the first few letters of a command or entity may be typed, depending on context, and then pressing the tab key will complete a portion or all of the remaining input where possible. Additionally, in cases when there is an existing entry or only one possible choice, pressing tab will automatically insert the entire entry. Commands or entities may also be shortened provided the input is not ambiguous.

The TNSR CLI supports common CLI navigation and editing key combinations, including:

  • Recalling command history from the current session by using Ctrl-P, Ctrl-N, or the up and down arrow keys

  • Erasing characters with backspace or Ctrl-H, or whole words with Ctrl-W

  • Moving the cursor to the beginning of the line with Ctrl-A or end with Ctrl-E

  • Clearing and redrawing the screen with Ctrl-L

  • Exiting the CLI with Ctrl-D

Be aware that exiting the CLI will not commit changes.

When working with the command line configuration, the prefix before the prompt changes depending on context to indicate that a different subset of commands is required.