BIOS Flash Procedure

Update Manually


Before upgrading you may want to check the current BIOS version, you can do so by using the command sudo dmidecode.

  1. Retrieve the BIOS update disk image from

  2. Write the image to a USB memstick.

    See also

    Writing Flash Drives

    Writing an OS installation image to flash media

  3. Connect to the console port of the system.

    See also

    Connecting to Console Port

    Writing an OS installation image to flash media

  4. Place the memstick in one of the USB ports on the system and boot the system.

  5. Wait for the BIOS update disk to boot

  6. Update the BIOS on the unit by running the following command:

    # ./

    The script will automatically detect the type of unit and apply the correct BIOS update.

  7. Wait until the BIOS flash procedure completes after which the unit must be powered off and back on.


There is no need for a clean shutdown, however running either reboot or shutdown -r will restart the unit which is typically sufficient.