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This book, and the pfSense® project itself, would not be possible without a great team of developers, contributors, corporate supporters, and a wonderful community. The project has received code contributions from more than 200 people. Hundreds have contributed financially with hardware and other needed resources. Thousands more have done their part supporting the project by helping others on the mailing list, forum, and other platforms. And even more have contributed by purchasing hardware, support, and services. Our thanks go out to everyone who has done their part to make the project the great success it has become.

pfSense Developers

There are a large number of project and community members, current and in the past, that have contributed to the project, and we thank them all! These following are not comprehensive lists and are presented in no particular order.

The current active pfSense software development team includes:

  • Renato Botelho

  • Luiz Otavio O Souza

  • Jim Pingle

  • Jared Dillard

  • Steve Beaver

  • Matthew Smith

We would also like to recognize several former project members who are no longer active contributors:

  • Co-Founder Chris Buechler

  • Bill Marquette

  • Holger Bauer

  • Erik Kristensen

  • Seth Mos

  • Matthew Grooms

Along with numerous significant community contributors, including:

  • Bill Meeks

  • Phil Davis

  • Anthony (BBCan177)

  • Denny Page

  • PiBa-NL

  • marcelloc

  • Stilez

We would also like to thank all FreeBSD developers, specifically, those who have assisted considerably with pfSense project development.

  • Max Laier

  • Christian S.J. Peron

  • Andrew Thompson

  • Bjoern A. Zeeb

  • George Neville-Neil

Personal Acknowledgements

From Chris

I must give my wife thanks and considerable credit for the completion of this book and the success of the project in general. This book and the project have led to countless long days, nights, and months without a day’s break, and her support has been crucial.

I would also like to thank the many companies who have purchased our support and reseller subscriptions allowing me to make the jump to working full time on the project in early 2009.

I must also thank Jim for jumping in on this book and providing considerable help in completing it. It’s been two years in the making, and far more work than I had imagined. It may have been obsolete before it got finished if it weren’t for his assistance over the past several months. Also, thanks to Jeremy Reed, our editor and publisher, for his assistance with the book.

Lastly, my thanks to everyone who has contributed to the pfSense project in any fashion, especially the developers who have given huge amounts of time to the project over the past nine years.

From Jim

I would like to thank my wife and son, who put up with me throughout my participation in the writing process for not only the first book, but continued revisions over the years. Without them, I would have gone crazy a long time ago.

I would also like to thank Rick Yaney of HPC Internet Services, for being supportive of pfSense, FreeBSD, and Open Source software in general.

The entire pfSense community is deserving of even more thanks as well, it is the best and most supportive group of Open Source software users and contributors I have ever encountered.


The following individuals provided much-needed feedback and insight to help improve the book and its accuracy. Listed in alphabetical order by last name.

  • Jon Bruce

  • Mark Foster

  • Bryan Irvine

  • Warren Midgley

  • Eirik Øverby