Diagnostic Information for Support

When contacting Netgate TAC, support representatives may require information about the configuration and state of a TNSR installation. TNSR includes a utilty, tnsr-diag, which gathers diagnostic information automatically. The archive it produces can then be included in communications with Netgate support.

The command to collect this data may be run from a shell using sudo tnsr-diag, or from within the TNSR CLI using host shell sudo tnsr-diag.

For example:

tnsr# host shell sudo tnsr-diag
Diagnostic data stored at /tmp/tnsr-diag/tnsr-diag-primary-2023-11-13-175744.zip

As shown in the example output above, the data is stored in a compressed archive in /tmp/tnsr-diag named tnsr-diag-<hostname>-<timestamp>.zip. This file may be copied from the TNSR device using scp.


The archive generated by this utility may contain sensitive information about the router configuration and environment. Review its contents before transmitting the information and always use a secure communications method.

These archive files can be removed when they are no longer needed, for example after copying them off the device. TNSR will automatically remove any archive files older than 60 days from /tmp/tnsr-diag.