Disable Host OS NICs for TNSR

In order for TNSR to control network interfaces they must be disabled in the host OS. In most cases this is not necessary as network interfaces not configured during the installation process will be automatically disabled by the installer. For a fresh installation of TNSR, skip ahead to Setup NICs in Dataplane. This section remains to explain how to change interfaces added after initial installation.


To change an interface from being usable by TNSR to back under host OS control, see Remove TNSR NIC for Host Use.

This is a multi-step process. First, the network interface must be disabled in TNSR and/or operating system configuration. Then the interface link must be forced down.


The host management interface must remain under the control of the host operating system. It must not be configured as an interface to be controlled by the dataplane. Do not disable the management interface during this step.

Disable Host interface

Host interfaces may be configured in the TNSR CLI or in netplan. The safest practice is to check both places and remove configuration from either one as needed.


To remove the host interface configuration from the TNSR CLI, remove all host route table references to the interface as well as interface configuration.

These individual commands may fail if there is no existing configuration for the interfaces in question.

tnsr(config)# host route table default
tnsr(config-host-route-table)# no interface enp0s20f1
tnsr(config-host-route-table)# no interface enp0s20f2
tnsr(config-host-route-table)# exit
tnsr(config)# no host interface enp0s20f1
tnsr(config)# no host interface enp0s20f2
tnsr(config)# configuration copy running startup


The interfaces may be configured in netplan. Disable these network interfaces there by making the following changes.

Edit the netplan configuration file:

$ sudo vi /etc/netplan/00-installer-config.yaml

In this file, locate the configuration blocks for the interfaces (enp0s20f1, enp0s20f2) and remove them.

Starting example:

      dhcp4: true
      dhcp4: true
      dhcp4: true
  version: 2

Edited file:

      dhcp4: true
  version: 2

Save the changes and then apply the new configuration with netplan:

$ sudo netplan apply

Restart TNSR

Finally, restart TNSR so it can pick up the interfaces:

$ sudo tnsrctl restart


This command will stop TNSR and all traffic processing!