Dynamic Routing Manager Status

TNSR supports several commands to display information about the dynamic routing manager daemon configuration and its status.

See also

For more specific dynamic routing daemon status information, see BGP Status, OSPF Status, and OSPF6 Status

Configuration Information

To view the current configuration file for the dynamic routing manager daemon, use show route dynamic manager:

tnsr# show route dynamic manager
debug zebra events
log file /tmp/zebra-crit.log critical
log syslog warnings

To view other individual sections of the configuration:

tnsr# show route dynamic access-list [<access-list-name>]
tnsr# show route dynamic prefix-list [<prefix-list-name>]
tnsr# show route dynamic route-map [<route-map-name>]

Additional Information

Additional status information can be obtained by using the vtysh program outside of TNSR.

The vtysh program must be run as the root user and it requires a parameter specifying the namespace in which the routing daemons run (dataplane):

sudo vtysh -N dataplane

The vtysh interface offers numerous commands. Of particular interest for BGP status are the following:

show ip route:

The IP routing table managed by the FRR Zebra daemon, which marks the origin of routes to see which entries were obtained via BGP.