This is the documentation for the 21.07 version. Looking for the documentation of the latest version? Have a look here.

Rebooting the RouterΒΆ

The reboot command, available in config mode, initiates an operating system reboot. This is equivalent to using the shutdown -r command from a shell prompt.


This action will cause an outage until the system fully restarts.

The general form of the reboot command is:

tnsr(config)# reboot (now|<minutes>) [force]
tnsr(config)# reboot cancel

The command has a few available options to control its behavior:


Prompts for confirmation and then immediately initiates a reboot.


Prompts for confirmation and then schedules a reboot for the given number of minutes in the future.


Modifies either the now or <minutes> format commands to run without confirmation.


Cancels a previously scheduled reboot.