This is the documentation for the 20.08 version. Looking for the documentation of the latest version? Have a look here.

Unrecognized routes in a routing table

TNSR automatically populates routing tables with necessary entries that may not appear to directly correspond with manually configured addresses. See Common Routes for details.

OSPF Neighbors Stuck in ExStart State

When attempting to form an adjacency between two OSPF (Open Shortest Path First v2 (OSPF)) neighbors, if the neighbor status appears to be stuck in the ExStart state, the most likely cause is an MTU mismatch between the routers.

To solve this problem, adjust the MTU values of the interfaces actively participating in OSPF on all routers to match. If this is not possible, try using the mtu-ignore option on active OSPF interfaces.

Large packets fail to pass over IPsec

Encapsulated packets which are larger than the default-data-size buffer will be dropped by the dataplane. On older versions of TNSR this may even result in a dataplane crash. The size of this buffer is 2048 by default, which will pass packets up to approximately 2000 bytes. Since the default MTU is 1500, this issue is not apparent in many cases. However, when attempting to pass jumbo frames over IPsec, this becomes a problem. To pass 9000 byte frames over IPsec, increase the buffer size to 16384 and restart the dataplane.

tnsr(config)# dataplane buffers default-data-size 16384
tnsr(config)# service dataplane restart