This is the documentation for the 21.07 version. Looking for the documentation of the latest version? Have a look here.

Disable Host OS NICs for TNSRΒΆ

In order for TNSR to control network interfaces, they must be disabled in the host OS. In most cases this is not necessary, as network interfaces not configured in the installer will be automatically disabled in CentOS during the installation process. For a fresh installation of TNSR, skip ahead to Setup NICs in Dataplane. This section remains to explain how to change interfaces added after initial installation, or for installations which do not contain whitelisted network interfaces.

This is a two-step process. First, the link must be forced down, and then the network interface must be disabled in Network Manager.


The host management interface must remain under the control of the host operating system. It must not be configured as an interface to be controlled by TNSR. Do not disable the management interface during this step.

For each of the interfaces noted in the last section, manually force the link down:

$ sudo ip link set <interface name> down

For example:

$ sudo ip link set enp0s20f1 down
$ sudo ip link set enp0s20f2 down

Next, disable these network interfaces in Network Manager. For each of these interfaces, edit the corresponding startup script:

$ sudo vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-<interface name>

In each of these files, ensure the following values are set. Add lines if they are not already present in the file:



To change an interface from being usable by TNSR to back under host OS control, see Remove TNSR NIC for Host Use.