This is the documentation for the 21.07 version. Looking for the documentation of the latest version? Have a look here.

TNSR 18.05 Release Notes

About This Release

This is the first public release of the TNSR product.

Known Limitations

  • Loopback with IPv6 address will not respond to IPv6 pings [295]

    • Workaround: none.

  • Linux route rules for the router-plugin/tap-inject are not cleaned up [477]

    If the dataplane crashes, route rules added to the host system network stack are not cleaned up when it restarts.

    • Workaround: none.

  • Deleting in-use prefix-list fails [483]

    If you attempt to delete an in-use prefix list, the command will fail, but the configuration is left in an inconsistent state.

    • Workaround: remove the use of the prefix list prior to deleting it.

  • DHCP Server Issues [490][739]

    There are multiple issues with the DHCP Server, it’s use is not recommended at this time.

    • Workaround: none.

  • The command “show route table” causes backend crash [506]

    A large route table (> 50k routes) can cause the “show route table” command to crash the backend process.

    • Workaround: Use “vppctl show ip fib” from a shell or vtysh to view route tables when a large number of routes have been added.

  • RPC error when input includes “<” character [612]

    Using the “<” character as input to the CLI can cause an RPC error. The error is properly detected, reported, and handled in the known cases. This affects all cases where there is free-form input.

    • Workaround: Do not use the “<” character.

  • Enabling NAT on an outside interface disables services on that interface [616]

    If you configure NAT on an outside interface, then that interface cannot provide services (like DHCP, ssh, etc.).

    • Workaround: none

  • SLAAC is not supported in dataplane, but host stack interfaces have it enabled [618]

    • Workaround: none.

  • Child SAs can disappear after an IKEv1 SA reauth [628]

    • Workaround: none.

  • Interface speed and duplex show as unknown [672]

    The link speed and duplex indicators (visibile with the “show interface” command) can display as “unknown”.

    • Workaround: Use the “vppctl show interface” command from an OS shell.

  • Unable to change DHCP client hostname option [706]

    The DHCP Client hostname can not be changed.

    • Workaround: none.

  • Data plane restart breaks RESTCONF [741]

    If you restart the data plane, the RESTCONF service loses it’s connection and does not reestablish it.

    • Workaround: Restart the data plane via the CLI, which does not have the same issue.

  • RESTCONF RPC output is invalid JSON [745]

    Some RPCs return mutliple line output and the new line characters are not handled properly resulting in the inability of a JSON parser to process the output.

    • Workaround: none.

  • BGP updates not being sent when “redistribute from connected” option specified [746]

    Routes from connected routers are not propagated when the redistribute from connected option is set.

    • Workaround: none. You can temporarily resolve the problem by resetting the BGP service.

  • BGP import-check feature does not work [781]

    If the import-check option is set and then BGP is configured to advertise an unreachable network then the network is still advertised.

    • Workaround: none.

  • Unable to create a default route when more than one loopback interface exists [824]

    • Workaround: none.

  • Unable to create a second static NAT translation on a loopback interface [831]

    • Workaround: none.

  • Route with aggregate-address via next-hop doesn’t appear in routing table [832]

    • Workaround: none.

  • Loopback interface can be ping from an outside host even when marked down [850]

    • Workaround: none.

  • BGP session constantly flapping when receiving more prefixes than defined in maximum-prefix limit command [858]

    • Workaround: none.

  • BGP maximum-prefix restart option doesn’t work [859]

    • Workaround: none.

  • No warning message in CLI when BGP maximum-prefix option is configured [860]

    If the maximum number of prefixes is exceeded, there is no indication to a user that this has occured.

    • Workaround: none.

  • Unable to set BGP warning-only option for maximum-prefix option [861]

    • Workaround: none.

Reporting Issues

For issues, please contact the Netgate Support staff.