This is the documentation for the 20.08 version. Looking for the documentation of the latest version? Have a look here.

VRRP Compatibility

Currently VRRP is only compatible with routed deployments.

VRRP Hardware Compatibility

VRRP requires network interface hardware on which DPDK PMDs support programming an additional MAC address. Without this capability, the interface cannot receive traffic addressed to the VRRP MAC address.

The following DPDK PMDs are supported:

  • em

  • fm10k

  • i40e

  • iavf

  • ice

  • igb

  • ixgbe

  • mlx4

  • mlx5

  • virtio


VRRP may not be used on interfaces involved in outbound NAT when the VR priority is 255. Currently there is an interaction between NAT and VRRP in this case which leads to both nodes failing to receive and process VRRP advertisements from peers. When NAT is present on outbound NAT interfaces, use a lower priority value. Conflicting configurations will be rejected by input validation.

See also

See the recipe VRRP with Outside NAT for a compatible example configuration.

VRRP and Reflect ACLs

As there is not yet a method for VRRP cluster nodes to share state data, using reflect type ACLs may result in active connections being dropped when control is transferred between cluster nodes. New connections may be made immediately.

VRRP and AWS/Azure

Currently VRRP does not support unicast peers for routed environments such as AWS and Azure. This functionality will be added in a future release.