BIOS Flash Procedure

Update Remotely


Before upgrading you may want to check the current BIOS version, you can do so by using the command sudo dmidecode.

  1. SSH into the system.

  2. Run the following commands:

    # sudo yum install wget
    # wget
    # wget
    # sudo rpm -i flashrom-
    # tar -xzf bios12-flash-rccve.tar.gz
    # cp /usr/local/bin/flashrom .
    # sudo chmod +x adi_flash_util
    # sudo adi_flash_util -u bios.rom
  3. Allow the adi_flash_util command to end and the run the following command:

    # sync; sync;
  4. Physically turn the power off to the system and back on again (not a reboot).